Thursday, March 22, 2012

The 5th and final cowl

I am officially cowled out. Having finished "Blueberry Scowl", I am done with this medium for awhile.

 I can't decide if this one is worthy of presentation to a value friend.  The buttons pictured are temporary, and the color is a bit more dowdy in real life.  It's along the lines of country-kitchen cute to be accompanied by geese festooned with mauve bows.  It also blocked out really long.  I will dye, shop for buttons, and re-evaluate.  (back to knitting lacy wedding shawls in the meantime.)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cowl #4

This is the 4th cowl in the KAL... cowls were getting kind of old by this point...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cowl KAL - the pictures get blurry

Due to the tight deadlines, I end up finishing the cowls during the week and have to post photos as proof of my completion immediately.  Fortunately, I have a job.   This means I cannot photograph in the daylight.  Here's what you get... Cowl #2:
 Cowl #3 (not even dry):
I did a reshoot of #3 later, but #2 is gone.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cowl Knitalong

I have been slaving away on the cowl knitalong from designer Liz Abinante the past few weeks or so.  (Thanks to Redshirt Knitting for the tip!)  The deal is, there are 5 patterns (all cowls) and 50 days.  If you finish cowl #1, by the stated deadline, you receive the pattern for cowl #2 free.  If you finish cowl #2, you get the pattern for #3 for free, and so on.  If you finish all 5 by March 24th, there is a special prize.  I was unable to resist the challenge and cast on cowl number one (Flurries pictured above) as soon as I heard.  I just finished #4 and am eager to receive the final pattern on Monday.