Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dino quilt in progress

My crochet hand has been acting up and I have to let it rest a bit, on to embroidery.

Those of you who know me well will be wondering why on earth have I set aside my venomous disdain for charismatic vertebrate megafauna and started embroidering them. One of these fetuses, feti, what ever the pural of fetus is, will be spending a good deal of his time in a dinosaur themed room. I'm trying my hand at making a crib quilt for the little guy.

Would I rather be making trilobites and brachiopods?

Would said Paleozoic faunas be more appropriate for the baby being raised atop Devonian bedrock.


Would I be able to convince the parents of this logic....

maybe not.

So here are the first 2 of 6 quilt squares, the dinos are about 6 inches across.

What are those brown things you ask? Well I think they were originally supposed to be pebbles (I'm using Aunt Martha iron on transfers). I thought to myself, "those will just look like turds." I decided not to fight it and just went into full on turd mode. These coprolites aren't the right size for this guy, but oh well. Personally I think a whole quilt of embroidered coprolites would be neat-o, but talk about a hard sell.

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Fault Rocks said...

those are gorgeous, I think setting your prejudices aside has paid off.