Friday, October 19, 2007

Earth Science Craft Club

I am honored to have been asked to lead a session of the newly forming craft club, organized by the gorgeous office staff.

Here is my proposal for a project we could work on, with rationale.

  • The "Econo-shopper Mesh Bag" is an easy project that requires knowledge of only a scant few stitches. Gauge and sizing isn't important.
  • Supplies can be purchased cheaply. (I used 2 balls of Sugar and Cream cotton, available for 99 cents each at Beverly's crafts through October 31. You only need one or two hooks I,K or buy a small set for not much more.)
  • This project plays on the unique strengths of crochet stitches, and is not simply an adapted knitting pattern.
  • Everybody can make use of their project and help the environment at the same time by cutting down our use of plastic grocery bags.
The bags are very versatile and stretch to hold a lot of stuff. I have in here a butternut squash, box of pasta, several cans of soup, malted milk powder, brazil nuts, and room to spare!


Bethel said...

Don't you just LOVE clubs, especially craft clubs?? Hope you are planning on having snacks too...

Fault Rocks said...

virtual membership?

ladylinoleum said...

Totally with ya. Brilliant choice!

kes said...

Ooh, can I join you and the office ladies? I'd love to learn how to crochet and add another shopping bag to the pile in the entryway. When do you meet?

Trifarina said...

I'm not sure when the meetings will begin. Mary's putting together a tentative schedule and I'll send out the materials sheet and pattern next week. Maybe we'll send the announcement to the grad listserv too.

(There better be snacks!)

(It might happen when you're here to visit after GSA Crowe.)