Saturday, May 23, 2009

Epic Fail

I just finished my version of October is for Spinners.
Then I had several bad ideas.

Bad Idea #1: I would try my hand at painting with dye. This wasn't the fatal error, I had decided I would overdye with red or something and the black would just be for accent.

Bad Idea #2: Microwave for same time and power level as a whole skein of wet yarn. There is now a hole burned through my spider. Poop. What to do?


Fault Rocks said...

whoa what? i don't get it. there's a very hot node of positive interference in the center of your microwave? ps. did you ever do the experiment where you calculate the wavelength of the microwaves by microwaving a large flat tray of marshmallows and measuring the node spacing from the interference pattern? there are two microwave sources, see.

brandilion said...

knit a red hourglass and stitch it on top. Cover and close the hole. :)

brandilion said...

I dub thee an Infinite Knitter. You don't have to move to Cali, but it would be nice if you came to visit us down south. :)