Friday, July 24, 2009

Where in the world?

I haven't posted any updates lately, here's why. I moved to Houston last Wednesday after much preparation and ado. I was going to rent my very own house, have a yard where I could garden and plant flowers, as well as have a washer and dryer. The house had been selected on a scouting trip and I was all leased up and ready to go.

I get there, no utilities are connected. OK, that one was partially my fault. I've never moved into a house or apartment where they had been completely disconnected and thought the accounts would just be transferred to my name. As it turns out, the electric companies in Houston don't want to turn your power on unless you have a TX driver's license. I had to spend a few nights in a motel, it being waaaay too uncomfortable without AC. Bev helped me deal with them and within a few days I had electricity and moved in.

I got furniture, tons of crap at IKEA, and set out to begin remedying all of the shortcomings of the house that were only made apparent after the previous tenants moved out. Yes, they apparently had a fancy toilet seat and took that with them, along with one of the bedroom AC window units. They left me several things though, including fleas, garbage, yard waste, laundry in the dryer, and the lovely little mosquito colony pictured below that also contains dog waste, rotting plant material and what was either a dead animal or a highly degraded stuffed toy. Sweet.

I was dismayed, but charging ahead, getting cable/internet/phone set up, buying groceries, a lawnmower, garden tools, and a britta filter for the tap because what came out was orange and chunky. (think Goonies here people.) Finally the gas company showed up Tuesday, and I was totally stoked because the cold showers were becoming increasingly unpleasant. Well, the water heater and gas range were so unsafe they were "red tagged" and the gas could not be legally connected. That was the last straw, and the stress and anxiety due to the fixer-upper were becoming too much. It's not like I bought the stupid place, why should I be responsible for fixing all this stuff?

I have now moved to a fancy apartment building in the Montrose district. The lawnmower was returned and the furniture moved again for me by the very nice folks at The CORT furniture outlet. I now have a refrigerator with ice and water on the door that doesn't smell like spoiled baby formula for monkeys. I have a full sized, clean washer dryer pair IN the apartment, and a DISHWASHER! There is valet trash pickup every night at your door, and I love my stained concrete floors. I don't have a spare bedroom anymore, but I still encourage you to visit. I think I could get a twin bed in the closet.


Bethel said...

Welcome to Houston! (well, it can only go up from what you've had so far!)

PS - There is a great yarn store out west in Katy called Yarntopia, let me know and maybe we can meet up for a Knit night

brandilion said...

Lord woman I feel for you. Gratz on scrapping that dump and moving on up.

I can't wait to park it on your floor :)

erin said...

I'm sorry this happened - but love the tags on this post!