Saturday, September 5, 2009

Knitting by my Lonesome

I am a lonely knitter. I really had a great time meeting new people in Santa Cruz through the good old craftiness and figured I could do the same in the Lone Star State. Alas, the schedule of a miserable grad student is far more flexible than that of a content corporate shill. I love my new job to pieces, but I get tired by the end of the day. When I get up and hit the road at 6AM, I don't have enough steam left to find and enjoy a 6pm knitting group. All of the ones I have found so far in Houston are on weeknights. Perhaps when I get more settled I could start my own weekend group, but for now, I knit alone. This current project is a blanket with a very simple lace pattern that I can chip away at for an hour or so a night.


Anonymous said...

You are still missed! Hang in there, Houston has some knitters who need you...
~Annie in Santa Cruz

Rebecca said...

Hi Heather
If you recall I have corresponded with you a few times via ravelry. I work at BP as a palynologist. I understand your tiredness. I also thought i would have lots and lots of time to knit and play music and read once i finished my PhD. Starting a full time job is exhausting and i have a hard time doing things during the week. I would love to be in the company of another knitter. If you are interested please drop me a line. I also have a friend who is generally crafty and would also love someone to be crafty with.....looing forward to hearing form you!