Monday, June 28, 2010

Knee warmers or volleyball/carpet laying accesories?

These damn knee warmers have been a bane and a pox on both my houses for over a year now, probably even longer if I cared enough at this point to do the math.  The concept seemed simple enough, but without a pattern I found myself doing more pondering than knitting.  You may recall the last time you saw these bad boys they consisted of little more than a straight ribbed tube.  I added an afterthought heel for the patellar covering, but perhaps the 90 degree angle is too severe. 

Tough cookies pal, they're done now and would be nigh on impossible to rip out and redo.  Why?  Because I thrummed them pretty good, that's why.  The tufts of roving felted to a certain degree almost instantaneously while working.  Here's a peek at the inside.

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