Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ode to Joy

I finally got my spinning wheel.  It was my planned big purchase for when I got a "real job".  I've had the job for awhile now, but it took me that long to find a store/instruction locally.  Sure, I could have randomly chosen a wheel on the internet and ordered one, but which one?  And what if I get the thing and can't figure it out.

Upstairs Studio to the rescue!  It's a great place in La Porte, TX, not too far away from Houston.  They specialize in yarn, spinning, and weaving; and have classes to learn any fiber related arts.  I had a great instructor named Lizzie who got me started on the wheel and helped my explore my preferences.  By the end of our three hours session I had spun and plied a wee skein of yarn and decided on a wheel.

I picked up the wheel yesterday and have already been making some great strides in yarnery.  I can't wait to see what kind of trouble me and my new friend Joy whip up!

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