Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finished Object

It's interesting to see how I balance spinning on my wheel and knitting throughout the course of a week.  When I get home from work, I'm drained.  I leave it all on the field and have to lay down for an hour or two before I can move.  I am mentally and physically exhausted, not to mention stressed out. 

The perfect remedy for this is spinning.  Spinning is utterly mindless and meditative.  The only moment in time that exists is the current one.  This moment, this draft.  At the same time though, it does require some physical activity and can add additional fatigue if I'm not very careful in limiting myself.   Then I knit.  Knitting can be a bit more "thinky" and to be perfectly honest, the repetition of plain garter or stockinette fills my chest with a palpable sense of ennui and frustration.  I need patterns that aren't too boring, but not so complex I'll have to rip back every other row.  The scarf above became a little boring after awhile, but I plowed through, knitting with sheer will rather than hands.  The yarn is my handspun "chocolate covered cherry" from a few posts back.  

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themeegs said...

That's beautiful Heather! I was wondering if/when you'd post something you knitted with your spun yarn. Sorry you're exhausted - I can totally relate. It is nice though that you find the spinning to be a calming activity after the requisite post-work rest :)