Thursday, March 22, 2012

The 5th and final cowl

I am officially cowled out. Having finished "Blueberry Scowl", I am done with this medium for awhile.

 I can't decide if this one is worthy of presentation to a value friend.  The buttons pictured are temporary, and the color is a bit more dowdy in real life.  It's along the lines of country-kitchen cute to be accompanied by geese festooned with mauve bows.  It also blocked out really long.  I will dye, shop for buttons, and re-evaluate.  (back to knitting lacy wedding shawls in the meantime.)

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themeegs said...

My Mom decorated our kitchen in the late 80's with that "country blue" - complete with geese wearing mauve bows. Your accuracy is scary!

I liked a couple of the cowls in this project bundle, but didn't want to work under the deadlines. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity :)

I have a place to live in Houston now, and submitted to the drug screening (including hair sample - I have the bald spots to prove it). On track for stitch n bi**h, TX style.