Saturday, May 26, 2007

Japanese crochet books

Two wonderful books came in the mail today from Japan. I’ve been putting off my quest for Japanese crochet pattern books for awhile because I know there are some nice Japanese bookstores in San Francisco, but I just never seem to make it up there. I gave up when I saw the hamburger pattern in this first one. I needed it and was forced to order online. The title, I do not know, but the author is Tomoko Fujita and the ISBN is 4-86191-201. It has a bunch of delightful assorted foodstuffs, but we’ll see how capable I am at interpreting the charts.

The second book is a much easier proposition in terms of execution. At this point I’m becoming fairly adept at reading doily charts. The patterns in this one are great and include a wide variety of small projects, large projects, work in the round, and filet. The title is “Classic Crochet Lace”, the author… no idea… ISBN 4-277-26128-0.

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Seema said...

hi where did u order the 1st one i want it but was wondering if they have used books new become too expensive which i can't afford being jobless.