Monday, June 4, 2007

Double Double Animal Style

I know somebody who really likes In-N-Out Burger. I don't want to blow his cover, or mine by association for that matter. (This is technically a secret craft blog...) He almost always orders a double double animal style* (see below). What if I could give this person an everlasting hamburger? One that would last indefinitely and always be hot and fresh? I would have to, right? It would be my moral obligation.

Roughly based on the patterns/illustrations in Tomoko Fujita's book, I give you the 100% fibre double double!!! Since I live in Hippie-Land the bun is even organic... Blue sky alpaca organic cotton. (Every thing else is done in Red Heart Soft.)

Talk about your hand leafed lettuce! The special sauce is a freehand crochet scrumble.

* a "real" double double


Fault Rocks said...

T - you have outdone yourself this time! Talk about food nostalgia. Wondering if you can be convinced to do a In 'n' Out/ Swift Stitch day when I come home?

Trifarina said...

Totally! I'll leave the safety of the 831 to hit the In n Out in Salinas! When are you coming? Maybe it was just a rhetorical coming home...