Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wall of WIP's

I’m developing a strange new habit as my living space increasingly morphs into semi-discrete piles of yarn, clothes, and books. Without really noticing how it happened, I did find today there are unfinished projects multiplying on my walls. Attached with simple straight pins they are protected from dirt and crumbs and absentmindedness. Maybe I’ll keep it up.

Anyway, this is one such wall breeder. It’s 1.5 pair of socks that I started last summer for a friend in the Peace Corps. Maybe I’ll finish them before she gets back to the US.


Fault Rocks said...

Are you living somewhere in my apartment? because you have described it perfectly. Maybe you are under the pile of 1-5m scraps of yarn I can't throw away because there is enough to do a few rows of garter log cabin improvisational book cover with them? it's a good thing I'm alone with my cacti because no other human could share my spiderweb right now.

Trifarina said...

Hmmmm... I'm pretty sure there's no chance of finding any biltong at the bottom of my piles.

Fault Rocks said...

Is that the smell in my apartment? That explains everything. The cats yowling outside - everything.