Thursday, September 20, 2007


I felt compelled to add my crocheted two cents to my brother's latest mystery. He came out of his apartment one day to find these two perfectly parallel slices of bread laying in front of his door. He didn't (and still doesn't) know who or where they came from, what they mean, or anything. He reasoned that their placement had to have been intentional given the strict geometrical constraints of their position, not from animals or feral babies roaming the neighborhood at night. (Yes, the latter was considered at length before we concluded they would lack the requisite finely developed motor skills for such exacting yet inscrutable actions.) There has since been at least one subsequent "loafing" incident traced back to a group of clever co-workers. They were not; however, clever enough to evade detection, delivering a different variety of bread and in quantities far exceeding the original incursion. (plus there was the admission of guilt...) Very odd indeed. Anyway, my slice should reach him via snail mail soon.