Saturday, December 15, 2007


Another x-mas present in the bag. I know all you expert knitters are probably thinking, "ugh, another Calorimetry?" OK, maybe not, the people I roll with are much nicer than that. I tried the entrelac "Quant" from the latest Knitty, but it kicked my ass, so Calorimetry it is. Check out the limestone button... I love those!


kes said...

I LOVE it! Wore it all day today while grading and it kept me warm in the cold lab. And it looks super cute.

Lynn said...

I would love to have the pattern for the Econo-shopper mesh bag. Could I get it from you? Looks like a fun project.

Trifarina said...

lynn, are you on Ravelry or Craftster? You can pm me with your e-mail and I'll be glad to send it along. The original author is willing to distribute it, but no longer has a copy.