Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beautiful Yarn from South Africa

My favorite yarn buddy has left me for greener pastures full of succulents in South Africa. This fact by itself is very sad, but the blow was significantly softened when I received the most delightful parcel in the mail covered with stamps of strange birds.

The pictures do no justice, you can't really tell how shiny, silky and beautiful this scarlet and gray bamboo yarn is. I'm told they import the fibre from China and then dye and spin the silk in ZA.

This second picture is a snapshot of the green wool I immediately knew would become Foliage from Knitty. I didn't even grab a picture before the hasty de-skein-ing. The actual color is brighter... and perfect for Smigel.
Smigel loves lime green.
Don't try to steal Smigel's PRECIOUS!!!

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Fault Rocks said...

you flatter me. Khristine just wrote to get updated on the ZA yarn "sitch"! show her the goods if you see her will ya!
you're a mad knitter now - joined the silent majority!