Saturday, February 2, 2008


Here's the finished Foliage I mentioned in the last post. I think it came out really well and I like it... a lot. Many of you who know me primarily as a crocheter might be wondering why I'm knitting so damn much. Well, I blame I just enjoy the patterns so much, the layout of the website, the humor injected in the form of often eccentric objects to make. I'm just not sure I get the same warm fuzzy feeling from the re-vamped Crochet Me. I like having a professionally produced, fun, free magazine. But I digress...

Because I do so love this hat, and as a thank you to the lovely gifter of South African yarn, a rare self portrait.

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Fault Rocks said...

AK! so cool. and you are officially better knitter than me now. can't believe you got so much out of that little skein, i underestimated the neon green handspun. want more? more crazy colours? if theres one thing we never run out of in south africa, it's crazy colours of everything.