Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hats for Nuns

I saw this invitation to knit hats for Buddhist nuns and couldn't resist. They must be wool, and they must be burgundy, but aside from that, no other specs given. My first attempt was coming out really nice, 4x2 rib on number 5 circular needles with cascade 220 wool. I was almost completely finished, just needed to make the decreases and close up the top, but it was lost in the woods somewhere between the garage and my office. I was convinced that since the hat was for a venerable, it would surely find its way back to me, but no such luck thus far. This hat is Patons classic wool and Skye Tweed, double stranded, 4x2 rib on number 10 circular needles. I was afraid I wouldn't make the March 3 deadline...

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