Thursday, March 20, 2008

Last Funky Bunny

Seriously, this is the last one. It's the third one I've made and I am starting to think they might be conspiring against me. If I build and disperse this evil army of deceptively cute rabbits, can't they bide the time quietly sharpening their always growing fangs, waiting for the perfect moment to rise up and take back these hippie polluted woods? How am I to traverse campus calmly, knowing that at any hour, day or night, they may lie in wait to destroy their maker. Last funky bunny. Ever.

1 comment:

luluvision said...

ha! That is funny! I'm working on this bunny for the first time and so far my head seems amazingly big compared to the body. I've done lots of ami before so I'm not a newbie but I hope I didn't mess something up! Yours came out really nice! Even if you are sick of doing them!