Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blankie for Ems

I shouldn't be playing on the interwebs, I have serious work to do... but I really wanted to post something. This is a blanket I knitted with the viral pattern from Brooklyn Tweed, Hemlock ring blanket. His is made with pure wool, this is not. I'm sure that's why mine looks like crap and his is beautiful. Blocking was impossible, it didn't take, and seeing as it's for a baby type person, I anticipate many future washings anyway. So caveat empator, only make this blanket with wool or it really won't be worth the effort.


brandilion said...

It will still be gorgeous wrapped around a beautiful baby!

Nice Job. Did you enjoy the pattern? I keep looking at it but think to my self, "eh, work".

Fault Rocks said...

It works with cotton too! I think you need to go either blockable or totally drapey.