Sunday, October 11, 2009

Diatom Experiment #1

I want to knit some fun diatom themed hats for an upcoming cruise some friends will be on. I hate colorwork and am not good at it, but that would be way easier. Here is the swatch of my first concept, a pennate diatom, worked horizontally.


The pattern looks quite suggestive and isn't really recognizable as a friendly marine autotroph. Attempt number two will involve a centric form with a honeycomb network of cables inside the circle.


Fault Rocks said...

reminds me of rocky horror.

rebecca said...

I still have been meaning to contact my friend who knits and is a diatomist for ideas-- i am so sorry about sunday-- it turns out my parents flight left at 12:30 so I was on the road and I completely forgot to contact you to tell you that. See you this sunday?