Sunday, November 1, 2009

Full Metal Blanket

001, originally uploaded by trifarina.

I found that knitting a pink baby blanket was just a touch too saccharine for me, so I finished it up while watching Full Metal Jacket.

"These are my needles, there are many others like them, but these are mine..."

The blanket making continues as I appear to have befriended a growing crowd of fertile Myrtles. These larger scale projects contribute to the infrequent posting. The other main culprit is a full time job that I enjoy and don't feel compelled to escape in my off hours with copious yarn-work.

The Christmas knitting plans are limited, but still I have feasibility concerns. I only have to knit some knee-warmers for my Uncle Sonny, and a sweater for my brother. I have never actually knit either item, so I am unsure of the time involved.


Fault Rocks said...

sweaters take a long time. during the time it took me to knit one for my brother, he lost 20lbs. so it didn't fit like i planned.

Chersis and Trehugre said...

I am so glad i'm not a fertile Myrtle friend anymore. :) Those years are so over. Now i just need to raise the two heathen spawn that we produced. It's becoming quite a challenge......