Sunday, November 8, 2009


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I have a weird relationship with swatching. I will swatch for something small like a hat, but then when it comes to a sweater, I really have to force myself. I am starting the Cambridge Jacket by Ann Budd in hopes that I can finish in time for x-mas. If not, my brother shall remain huddled and chilly. Since he lives in Cambridge, I think there is good potential for some geographically specific and mystical hyperwarm action.

I swatched once with the exact specifications of the pattern, #9 needles with Cascade 220 superwash. What should have been 19.5 x 27 came out to be 18 x 22.

OK, my gauge is off.

Crap! Does that mean I have to re-swatch? Yes, yes it does. I got closer with #7 needles, so the knitting has commenced. Only time will tell if the fruits of my labor are ripe.

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Rebecca said...

I guess sometime i should swatch-- but i so dislike doing it.