Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Is there anything on this earth superior to learning new things? I say no; however, watching someone else develop new skills that you yourself treasure is a close second.

My brother was initially confused when he ripped open a package of yarn under the tree and handed it over to me, assuming that Santa had mixed up the gifts. Nope. It was a learn to knit hat and scarf kit from the holy KnitPicks. I showed him a few things and he was off! Surprising to me, he has turned out to be a British knitter, whereas I am Continental. Talk about throwing a whole new level of complexity into the eons old nature vs nurture debate. You may not be able to tell from the picture, but these are the most consistent stitches a beginner has ever produced.

You know what really made my day though? We were going to see a movie and when I told him it was time to leave, he said, "OK, just let me finish this row." Awesome.


Anonymous said...

It's really rather cool seeing someone take to something you love. I taught a friend to knit in August and she's made quite a number of scarves since. I gave her some yarn for Christmas and the gentle suggestion that a hat would be a good next project.

brandilion said...


Merry Christmas to you! I know the best present I could ever get is any one of my sisters buying her own yarn and needles for me to teach her. Sigh.

Trifarina said...

I'm glad to share the excitement with you guys too! He's back in Boston and still knitting! That scarf is getting its ass kicked.

Fault Rocks said...

i'll trade brothers with you any time.