Saturday, May 29, 2010

Knee Warmers

Procrastination must end and UFO's (unfinished objects) are no longer allowed in my house.  OK, a few are fine, but I have decided to cull the herd and make the pile a little shorter.  First off, we have the intermediate phase of a UFC (unfinished concept.).  Pictured above are a pair of kneewarmers in prep. for my uncle the deerslayer.  Apparently his knees get really cold while laying in wait for a nice rack to mosey on by, and he asked for something like this.  It has been more than a year for sure, maybe even two since the original description was passed down to me.  I think I was dragging my feet because I didn't have a pattern and I didn't want them to be crappy.  The concept is a tube made up of 1x1 ribbing for maximum elasticity, with an afterthought heel for the knee bend.  I'm also going to try thrumming in the heel/knee.  Stay tuned. 

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