Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Scratchiest Blanket Ever

I trafficked my ~12 year old super Bond knitting machine to Texas (two regular ones bolted together) after x-mas for the express purpose of making this blanket. I found a new friend who loves scratchy blankets. She has a favorite that was crocheted eons ago and is starting to literally disintegrate. Her mother made her 5-6 new ones to replace it, but they were too bulky. It seemed to me a knitted one would be more lightweight. There was no way I was going to hand knit a giant blanket with red heart specially selected by touch test for maximum irritation at the nearest Michaels. It is done, and it is scratchy…

The in progress shot above might be a little too revealing, but I decided to share it anyway.  You see that while I may be messy and cluttered, it is only superficially "dirty"  as evidenced by a plethora of hand and dish cleaning agents as well as Lysol wipes.  My dietary staples of velveeta shells and cheese overshadow a bag of clementines that have been pushed to the side. And of course I have a tin of pickle shaped band-aids perched expectantly near my Invasion of the Monster Women lunch/tool box.