Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bonus Shawl

I made another one of these Flourish shawls for a coworker because they are so fast and easy.  I also broke my long standing goal of using yarn only from my stash when I purchased 2 skeins of Mirasol Yarns Nuna for the job.  I wanted to do it in purple and I just didn't have enough to make this happen.  It was fun to go to the yarn store instead of just back and forth between my apartment, work, and the grocery. 

Unfortunately, I may have to switch yarn store allegiances.  It would appear that the one by my house has decided to stop carrying good, dependable, nice yarns in sensible weights.  They no longer carry any Brown Sheep and all of the Malabrigo was this funky bulky/roving mess they had to hang up on the wall.  When I enter a yarn shop I should have voices screaming in my head advocating for the purchase of every bright and fluffy skein.  This time I took almost 30 minutes to find one I was merely "OK" with. 

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brandilion said...

I wish was your co-worker!

and boo! to the yarn store. Do you have another good option?