Saturday, October 23, 2010

Christmas List - 3/3

I win!  I finished my absolute Christmas knitting goal; 3 lace shawls!  I guess I underestimated myself and lowballed my speed estimates.  This shawl was knitted from the monter skein of October third and the pattern is called Flourish (on Ravelry).  It calls for worsted or aran weight yarn instead of weensy lace or sock yarn, which doesn't hurt my new land speed record.  Until December I'll be randomly adding other projects to my mental fiber queue.   I need to make at least one dalek for somebody at work and there are a few other ideas bumping around in my head.

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brandilion said...

Don't tell anyone I know about these shawls or they will be highly disappointed in my customary hats and scarves.