Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Shawl for Bev

These photos have been closely guarded until I was able to conquer the inconvenience that is the USPS. *
 This is the delightful Chinook Shawl Pattern that I purchased as a kit from KnitPicks a year or so ago.  It was a simple lace pattern pattern to execute, even though it had pattern to work on both the knit and purl rows.  I would recommend it to novice and experienced lace workers alike.

*  The shawl was knitted (a few weeks) blocked (2 days) and packed to mail on a Saturday afternoon (1 day).  We lose Sunday (1 day), and then the box is carted around all day Monday until I make it to a post office.  Presidents' day!  The post office automated kiosk is still open though, so I get all stamped up only to find the big box that takes the packages is locked shut.  I could have put it through a slot for "stamped mail", but there was a sign warning that if the package was over 13oz it would be treated as hostile and returned to sender (1 day).  I took it with me to work again on Tuesday and threw it in the outgoing tray to see what would happen with a post it explaining the situation.  It arrived 3 days later in Columbus, Ohio with the bright pink post it still attached, which amused Bev and I both.

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