Friday, November 23, 2007

More knitting?

I'm an avid crocheter, I have always had trouble with knitting, and for the most part avoid it at all costs. There are a few things that are best knitted however, you know, like SOCKS... The other is the ball band dishcloth from Mason Dixon Knitting. I have always coveted the three dimensional stitch pattern, and finally made one. This one is longer and I crocheted a top with which to affix it to handled appliances.


Fault Rocks said...

why is your gauge so perfect on your second hand knit? for chrisssakes it took me years to get things even.

Erin K. said...

McCarren - you've been holding out on me - I found this off Christie blog.

We lovingly used our stuffing shovel towel at t-giving. WE did use it to wrap the wine bottle - hope that is authorized usage.

Trifarina said...

Whatever crowe... I do not believe you.

krall-ster: totally authorized, and I'm ecstatic I was able to still participate by proxy!