Friday, May 16, 2008

Lunchbox Received!

I've been having a crummy few days lately, as encapsulated last night when I told my brother , "I wish my life didn't smell like ass." Well, there is one cool thing right now, this lunchbag I received from the Oh Fransson! lunchbox swap. adogsbreakfast (Renee) made it for me! Here it is in use, holding :

2 apples
one bottle of grape gatorade G2
one cheese stick (colby jack "disco cheese")
several veggie patch brand Chick'n nuggets (that means they're made of soy)


Erin K. said...

That is so cool!!!!!! I'd use a lunch box like that. Does it automatically wash your dirty tupperwares?

Trifarina said...

I wish!!!!

Tora said...

Wow, that one's gorgeous! I guess it would make a cranky day as good as any just by looking at it. Lucky you!