Monday, May 5, 2008

Wool a'Lorange

This is one skein of Nashua Creative Hnadknits Superwash dyed with orange and lemonade Kool Aid. I love these colors and it is knitting up like a dream. The added bonus of a work in progress that smells like Tang is just icing on the orange cupcake.


Asuka said...

I LOVE those colors!!!! if you have scrap extras that might be able to be crocheted into something as simple as a trivet or something may i has please?!?!?!?! *puts on bestest pouty eyes*

Trifarina said...

I already used it all up, but it shouldn't be hard at all to recreate!

Asuka said...

Oh dear! i didn't realize it was wool. Never mind dearie. Taht would just be an allergenic nightmare waiting to happen for me. :) I can't touch the stuff without getting all hivey and even blends are hard to mess with for me.

Oh yeah...... TOTOROS ROCK!!!!