Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mystery Bunny

A multiple choice question for the new quarter...
Why does this bunny lack face?

1.) She has shamed her family by not triumphing over her rivals in a hip-hop krump-off.
2.) It is wearing her dress backwards, do you have a face on the back of your head?
3.) This bunny is part of a new charity program "Bunnies for the Amish" and their toys cannot have faces for religious reasons.
4.) My apartment is so messy I can't find my embroidery floss.


Bethel said...

I know my answer would be 4, but I really like the Amish choice. lol

Fault Rocks said...

I wonder how sitting around coming up with erroneous answers 1-3 affected the future developments with regards to #4? just sayin.