Monday, July 28, 2008

Fair Madness

As you may or may not know, I am originally from Ohio. To go a step further, my Mom is from a small agricultural town. The fair, be it county or state, has at one time or another sucked everybody into the fiercely competitive world of fair projects. My Mom and Grandmother entered every category, from public speaking to ham loaf baking. As a young one I was obsessed, literally obsessed, with baking a winning pie. (I never did win, but would like to note that the winning pies almost always violated the rules, no cream pies in the fruit category people! Not that I'm bitter...)

I had entered once before some things into the Santa Cruz County Fair, getting a second place ribbon for a cross stitch project, and an honorable mention for a sauced up carrot cake. I was OK with this result, and thought I could finally let it go. Nope. Khristine at the Swift Stitch offered a challenge and entry fees for us to put our yarny creations up for consideration this year. I had to do it. I'm almost done with a second Boteh scarf to submit, but had a brainstorm while perusing the other categories. Wood. I could make some wooden sock blockers while I'm in Columbus and have access to power tools! Here's one style in progress after the first step of cutting the basic shapes with the scroll saw. I'm pleased.

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