Monday, July 14, 2008

Yarn Tourism: San Francisco

As previously mentioned I'm house/cat sitting in San Francisco this week. Even though I'm trying to get lots of work done, and am notoriously bad at getting lost driving around this place, I needed to go on one yarn seeking jaunt. I chose Artfibers this time, having been to ImagiKnit on a previous visit.

After driving, parking, and walking, I find a sign for the store and decide to ride up on the antique-y elevator. I find myself at the portal to the second floor store, but locked behind the metal accordion gate. "Back in 10 minutes" it says.
I decide this was a mistake, ride the elevator back down, and take the stairs. I do find a second door, but alas it too is locked. I wait in the stairwell for about 15 minutes and just when I was ready to pack it in, an employee returned from the post office. I think the store is more for wholesalers or something, it just didn't feel very comfortable or welcoming to me. They had a yarn-tasting area where you could swatch anything you wanted, but I wasn't in the mood. I did buy this lace weight silk-mohair blend... but I wasn't really too excited. Maybe I'm just tired.

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