Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sock Blank Dyeing

I signed up for a sock yarn blank dyeing swap on Ravelry. These sock blanks from KnitPicks are a real piece of genius. There are two stands of sock yarn (so you end up with two identical socks) machine knit together into this piece of fabric that can be easily handled. I used Wilton icing dye for this one, with an overall gradational blue dye, superimposed with black/purple stripes. I can't wait to see how my swap partner's socks turn out.


Bethel said...

Do you have to wind the yarn into 2 cakes first or can you just knit directly from the fabric?

I like the stripes you did.

Trifarina said...

You can knit straight from the fabric!!!! If you use the two at a time method, it would be absolute magic!

Bethel said...

As my daughter would say, That's freakin' awesome!