Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tools! (the good kind)

My woodworking project is coming along swimmingly. My camera needs batteries so instead of another progress picture of the sock blockers, I will discuss the tools involved.

Tools I have access to in Columbus, all steps requiring these must be finished before this weekend...

1. a sock
The simplest, yet most crucial tool. I used one of my socks to create the outline for my sock blockers.

2. scroll saw
I was a tad worried the blades I had access to would splinter the oak horribly, but it went well overall. The scroll saw is the easiest power tool I know of and it works just like the sewing machine.

3. router
Kind of tricky, and required supervision because my mother couldn't shake the improbable image of my fingers disappearing.

4. belt sander
self explanatory.

Tools I have access to in Santa Cruz and can use anytime before the fair...

5. sandpaper

6. woodburner

The next steps are mostly finishing, applying the art work, final sanding, and applying laquer...

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